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‘Big hole in my heart’: How two siblings mended a rift after one came out
Siblings Forest Clarke and Anne Downs grew up feeling like twins born two years apart. But when Clarke came out, a chasm grew in this once close relationship. A global pandemic, a letter and years of introspection brought them back together.
Racist taunts against soccer star Vinícius Júnior land men 8 months in Spanish prison
The taunts and monkey gestures sparked widespread outrage — and led the soccer star and others to say the problems were far bigger than a handful of fans.
Blocked from asylum, many migrants juggle their choices: Try to cross again or give up
“We made the mistake of crossing illegally … But that’s the desperation of a person who fears for the safety of his loved ones,” says an immigrant deported days after crossing through the Arizona border.
Minnesota immigration advocates, policy experts concerned about Biden’s border order
Biden’s new border restrictions temporarily suspend the processing of most asylum claims at the U.S.-Mexico border, in an effort to manage the influx of migrants. 
Full tentative Minneapolis police contract should be made public, says advocate
A new police contract featuring a major pay bump is now in the hands of the Minneapolis city council for approval. A community group has been calling for greater transparency and reform in the police contract negotiation process between the city and the union.
Black-led nature retreat center faces pushback on North Shore
A nature-based retreat center planned outside Two Harbors aimed at providing a restorative getaway for Black, Indigenous and people of color, is receiving pushback from some local residents over concerns of noise, traffic, and other impacts on their rural “way of life.” 
Talking Sense: Skills for disagreeing respectfully across political divides
Have you ever had a political conversation that ended in yelling, tense silence or hurt feelings? The latest episode in the MPR News Talking Sense series brings you skills for listening across political divides and sharing your own opinions in a way that another person might hear — even if they disagree.
The NAACP calls on American Airlines to investigate recent discrimination incidents
Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP, says that without an appropriate response from American Airlines, the civil rights organization will be forced to reinstate an advisory against the airline.
Minnesota Democrats split on war in Gaza, press for unity heading into November
Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party activists endorsed U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar in her reelection bid and voted on dozens of policy resolutions during their convention in Duluth. But fissures remain over the Middle East war.
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