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Morning Edition 2024

Morning Edition, with Cathy Wurzer in St. Paul and NPR hosts in Washington and Los Angeles, brings you all the news from overnight and the information you need to start your day. Listen from 4 to 9 a.m. every weekday.

MPR News with Angela Davis

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Conversations about life in Minnesota and how the state is changing. Listen Mondays through Thursdays from MPR News starting at 9 a.m.

All Things Considered

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All Things Considered, with Tom Crann in St. Paul and NPR hosts in Washington, is your comprehensive source for afternoon news and information. Listen from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. every weekday.

Minnesota Now

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Live, down to earth, unscripted interviews that aim to connect, inform and entertain. Real people share real stories with Cathy Wurzer. It’s journalism that doesn’t take itself too seriously and puts people first. Listen Mondays through Thursdays at noon.

Big Books & Bold Ideas with Kerri Miller

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Host Kerri Miller holds in-depth conversations with authors about their books and ideas. Listen Fridays at 11 a.m.


Minnesota Today

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Minnesota Today from MPR News brings you the most important stories from around the state, on your schedule.

Politics Friday

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On Fridays at noon, MPR News political editor Brian Bakst discusses Minnesota politics and the latest from the legislature. Join us for interviews with lawmakers, candidates and more.

Climate Cast®

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MPR meteorologist Paul Huttner joins All Things Considered to talk about the latest research on our changing climate and the consequences we're seeing here in Minnesota and worldwide.

Cube Critics®

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Weekly art and culture chats with MPR News' Jacob Aloi, Alex V. Cipolle, Max Sparber and guests.

small change: Money Stories from the Neighborhood

Small Change Podcast

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small change: Money Stories from the Neighborhood is a podcast and learning platform highlighting smart, practical and collaborative money skills developed by people living with lower and unstable incomes. Hosts Chris Farrell and Twila Dang talk to community members who are redefining wealth and poverty, the value of community and the purpose of money. Money wisdom taught by the true experts — people who have learned from experience. From MPR News.

Art Hounds®

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Each week three people from the Minnesota arts community talk about a performance, opening, or event they're excited to see or want others to check out.

In Front of Our Eyes

In Front of Our Eyes Podcast

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In March 2021, the first of the former officers charged in the killing of George Floyd went on trial in Minnesota. Police officers are rarely prosecuted in such cases — and the world was watching. MPR News, which has followed this case in detail from the beginning, brings listeners updates on the monumental case, and the consequences it holds for the city and the country. Created in collaboration with American Public Media.

74 Seconds

74 Seconds

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In July 2016, the world watched a man die, live on their phones, after a traffic stop in suburban Minnesota. This is the story of that man, Philando Castile, and the officer, Jeronimo Yanez, who is about to go on trial in his death. It sits at the intersection of race, policing, justice and safety in America. A lot can happen in 74 seconds.

Living While Dying

Living While Dying: an ALS story

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Insights on life from a man facing death.

MPR News Ask a Bookseller

Ask a Bookseller Podcast

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Every week, The Thread checks in with booksellers around the country about their favorite books of the moment.

Rivers of Oil

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Oil. It’s in your tires, your makeup, your kids’ toys, your gas tank. And the pipelines that get it to you have become the focus of growing protests, from Keystone XL to Dakota Access. On Rivers of Oil from Minnesota Public Radio News, we’ll look at those pipelines buried beneath our feet, how they’ve come to the forefront of an epic tug of war between reliance and risk, and how we all have a role to play in this story.


Freshly baked episodes and segments.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has approved a resolution focused on outreach to Native American communities, after acknowledging the church's role in boarding schools. A draft also apologized to Indigenous Catholics. The church operated at least 80 of more than 500 government-funded boarding schools that separated children from their families and suppressed Indigenous cultures. Also, University of Minnesota students will pay more in tuition next school year as part of a budget approved by the Board of Regents Thursday. This is the afternoon MPR News update for Friday, hosted by Emily Bright. Theme music by Gary Meister.
Several tornadoes touched down in the Brainerd Lakes region during severe thunderstorms on Wednesday, but meteorologists are still working to figure out the rating and exact path of each twister. And the family of a bystander killed during a high speed police chase in 2021 is suing the city of Minneapolis. 
The Minnesota Department of Education failed to investigate at least 30 complaints related to Feeding Our Future from 2018 to 2021. That's among the findings in a Thursday report from the state's Legislative Auditor. Federal charges were filed against dozens of people connected to the now defunct Twin Cities nonprofit. Prosecutors allege they siphoned $250 million away from programs designed to feed children during the pandemic. Also, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating after Minneapolis police fatally shot a man Wednesday. This is the afternoon update from MPR News, hosted by Emily Reese. Music by Gary Meister.
Drought-free, but for how long? How climate change affects dry and wet trends in Minnesota
Kenneth Blumenfeld with the Minnesota State Climatology Office talks about recent rainfall patterns across the state and how they’re connected to climate change.
Severe thunderstorms battered much of northern and central Minnesota Wednesday afternoon and evening, knocking out power to thousands of homes. And overnight, the BCA responded to a use-of-force incident in Minneapolis.
A state Senate Ethics Committee deferred action today on a complaint against a DFL senator charged with burglary. And federal agents this morning raided the home of a second Feeding Our Future defendant amid an investigation into the attempted bribery of a juror.
Minnesotans are divided over Israel’s military action in Gaza following the October Hamas attack in Israel, but the U.S. response to what's happening there doesn’t appear to be a deciding factor for the upcoming presidential election. And the search for a new director of the University of Minnesota's Holocaust Studies center is on hold after the U offered the job to a controversial Israeli historian.
Thousands attended a memorial service for fallen Minneapolis police officer Jamal Mitchell today. Mitchell joined the department in 2022, after the murder of George Floyd and while Mitchell was in his mid-30s, telling city officials he wished to be the change he wanted to see in policing. And the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor found that the Department of Labor and Industry did not comply with state requirements for paying frontline workers during the pandemic.
Thousands of police officers from across the state are attending a memorial service for Minneapolis police officer Jamal Mitchell Tuesday. And Minneapolis chef Christina Nguyen has won the James Beard award for Best Chef of the Midwest. She serves southeast Asian street food at Hai Hai in Minneapolis.
A 4-year-old reported missing Sunday was found dead in Minnehaha Creek this morning after having apparently drowned. And an MPR News, KARE-11, Star Tribune Minnesota poll shows President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in a close race in the state. According to the poll conducted last week, Biden had support from 44.5 percent support compared to Trump's 40.6. That's considered a dead heat given the poll's margin of sampling error.
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