Race: Conversations around race and racial justice

Here are the latest on the fight against racism, voices calling for racial justice and in-depth stories on communities of color and other racial issues from MPR News.

Voices of Minnesota Calls for change across the state

Protests and pain The killing of George Floyd

Call To Mind Spotlight on black trauma and policing

Amplifying voices Share your experiences and hopes for the future

Anoka-Hennepin students to march in defense of diversity programs
A school board member backed by a conservative parents rights group is pushing for the district to scrap all programs aimed at racial and gender equity.
States botched more executions of Black prisoners. Experts think they know why
A study showed states made more mistakes when executing Black prisoners by lethal injection than they did with prisoners of other races. Execution workers and race experts said they're not surprised.
Time magazine names U of M professor to list of most influential people in the world
Rachel Hardeman is the director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Antiracism Research for Health Equity, which she founded in 2021.
At Capitol, lawmakers strive for child-protection policies that keep African American families intact
A bill working through the Legislature would require child welfare workers to take steps to prevent out-of-home placement of African American or disproportionately represented children.
In new Congressional district, Black voters weigh what representation really means
Alabama could soon have a U.S. House delegation that more closely matches its diversity after a redistricting lawsuit. For Black voters, the change has greater significance than who holds the seat.
White-sounding names get called back for jobs more than Black ones, a new study finds
Economists sent 83,000 fake job applications to a slew of major U.S. companies, and found that the typical firm favored white applicants over Black ones by around 9 percent.
Bills offer birth justice, reduced mortality for Black and Indigenous Minnesotans
Black and Indigenous pregnant Minnesotans have long faced more health disparities than their white counterparts. Now, there’s a push at the Legislature to change that.
Minneapolis officials discuss possible next use for former 3rd Precinct site
Minneapolis city officials are recommending that the city’s Elections and Voter Services offices be housed in the former 3rd Precinct police station. However, some council members say the city needs to get more public input before it goes any further on the plan.
Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ reinforces her dedication to Black reclamation — and country music
As a Black woman reclaiming country music, Beyoncé stands in opposition to stereotypical associations of the genre with whiteness. The genre, though, has its roots in Black traditions and culture and her album pays homage to some of her forerunners and influences, like Linda Martell.
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