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Joyner Emerick focuses on the future for Minnesota’s disabled students
Young people bring Joyner Emerick hope for the future, which is why they serve on the Minneapolis Board of Education. When they were elected in 2023, Emerick became the city’s first openly transgender and openly autistic school board member and has used that platform to advocate for disabled students at both the local and state levels.
With tensions flaring this election cycle, how are would-be shooters identified and stopped?
Star Tribune reporter Stephen Montemayor explains the FBI’s threat assessment process to prevent mass shootings in Minnesota.  
Personal histories, items can be claimed by adult adoptees from Minnesota’s DHS files
Native American adoptees and advocates are asking the Department of Human Services to do more to help all adoptees claim items left in the care of adoption placing agencies by birth parents.
Secret ice cream spots popping up in the Twin Cities
Here’s the scoop — there’s a growing trend of opening restaurants in novel ways in the Twin Cities. Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl talks about the secret ice cream shops hiding in plain sight.
Domestic violence shelter expands to make room for pets
A new pet shelter in Maplewood has a goal that’s different from other animal rescues. Attached to Tubman domestic violence shelter, this home for pets serves people experiencing domestic violence. It’s the first of its kind in the Twin Cities.
Minnesota now officially part of growing Sioux Falls metro area
Minnesota’s Rock County is now a part of the Sioux Falls metro area. Rock County administrator Kyle Oldre said this new census classification reflects the long-standing reality of the region.
Midwest transportation systems feel the brunt of climate change
Extreme heat and record rainfall is taking a toll on transportation systems across the Midwest. Journalist Kiely Price talks about how extreme weather events are impacting the structure of infrastructure.
Legislative auditor surprised at reaction to recent Minnesota fraud reports
The Office of the Legislative Auditor received pushback from recent reports about how certain departments and agencies handled public funds. Judy Randall, the legislative auditor, says this kind of reaction from state officials is becoming a pattern.
As Vance makes vice president debut, his appeal in Upper Midwest is source of debate
Ohio Sen. JD Vance joined Donald Trump on the Republican presidential ticket this week. Some see him as an asset in Midwestern battlegrounds while others discount his effect on the race.