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MPR meteorologist Paul Huttner discusses the latest research on our changing climate and the consequences we’re seeing here in Minnesota and worldwide. Hear Climate Cast each Thursday on MPR’s All Things Considered.

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Lawmakers pass much needed permitting reforms for clean energy projects as session wraps
The 2024 Minnesota Legislature session ended in chaotic fashion. But lawmakers did manage to get through changes that will speed up the permitting process for green projects and help address the backlog of proposals awaiting approval.
The impact of building codes on climate change
Heating and cooling our homes and buildings in Minnesota contribute about 40 percent of our state’s greenhouse gas emissions. What opportunity exists to reduce our carbon footprint by updating our building codes?
A U of M scientist is using leaf glow to better track climate change
Professor Rui Cheng is behind the research. She says leaf glow offers a more direct and accurate way to understand the effects of climate change on ecosystems in the Arctic and boreal regions, which are experiencing some of the fastest rates of temperature warming in the world.
Report shows Minnesota is leading the way in clean energy transition
Amelia Cerling Hennes, managing director of public affairs for Clean Energy Economy MN, shared more about the state’s clean energy transition and what we’re doing well.
‘I’m sorry we broke the sea and sky’: CNN chief climate correspondent on finding hope in climate change
Bill Weir’s new book is called “Life as We Know It (Can Be).” He wrote it as a letter to his 4-year-old son River on how to find hope in a world of climate change.
As hurricanes get more powerful, some scientists suggest a new category six
That’s out of a recent study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences looking at the link between stronger hurricanes and climate change.
Climate denialism mapped to geography and political affiliation
A recent study shows nearly 15 percent of Americans “do not believe in climate change.” And the patterns of denialism can be linked to regional and political differences.
For electric vehicle dealers, the sales pitch depends on your region's politics
Electric vehicle dealers right here in Minnesota are using different strategies to convince prospective buyers from different political affiliations.
New study shows climate change is already affecting food prices
Increasing global average temperatures and more intense and frequent heat waves are already driving up the prices of food and other goods. So just how much is climate change affecting inflation?
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