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Washington governor declares state of emergency after first U.S. coronavirus death
The governor of Washington declared a state of emergency Saturday after a man died there of COVID-19, the first such reported death in the United States. More than 50 people in a nursing facility are sick and are being tested for the virus.
Virus' effect on world economy grows; Trump lashes out at criticism
The coronavirus outbreak's impact on the world economy grew more alarming on Saturday, while President Trump denounced criticism of his response to the threat as a “hoax" cooked up by his political enemies.
Another case of coronavirus confirmed in Northern California
Residents in Northern California are at the epicenter of what officials are calling a turning point in the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S. Investigators are rushing to retrace the steps of a patient they believe to be the first known person in the U.S. to be infected without traveling internationally or being in close contact with anyone who had it.
Coronavirus prompts U of M, St. Thomas to suspend some study-abroad programs
Amid growing concerns about COVID-19, the University of St. Thomas announced it is canceling the remainder of two programs in Rome. And the University of Minnesota said it is suspending student travel and study-abroad programs in South Korea.
How a coronavirus blood test could solve some medical mysteries
Researchers in Asia are using a blood test that identifies people who've previously been exposed to the new coronavirus. In the U.S., that kind of test isn't yet available.
Officials say Minnesota schools need to make plans for a COVID-19 outbreak
As Minnesota school officials scramble to comply with federal and state guidance to prepare for a COVID-19 outbreak, some say their experience with extreme weather gives them an advantage.
Diagnosis of coronavirus patient in California was delayed for days
The first suspected U.S. case of novel coronavirus infection through "community spread" was left undiagnosed for days, hospital officials said, because the case didn't fit the CDC's criteria.
CDC has fixed issue delaying coronavirus testing in U.S., health officials say
A problem with one ingredient in test kits that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention distributed to labs around the U.S. had created a frustrating bottleneck.
As U.S. preps for coronavirus, health workers question safety measures
The plight of Chinese health care workers contracting the coronavirus has prompted frontline medical staff in the U.S. to wonder if they're protected. Hospitals say they're taking steps to prepare.