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A man is dead, his last moments captured on Facebook Live. The police officer who pulled the trigger is now on trial. What happened the night of July 6, 2016? And what happens now?

Officer Jeronimo Yanez shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop in a Twin Cities suburb. The world watched the aftermath. Yanez was charged in Castile's death. Jurors found him not guilty on all charges June 16, 2017. | Full coverage

In 22 episodes, 74 Seconds tells the story of the first police shooting to go to trial in the state of Minnesota. | Listen to all the episodes on a single page.

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Episode 1: The driver
In the first episode of MPR News' new podcast, meet Philando Castile, the elementary school cafeteria worker whose name became a chant and whose face became a symbol.
Episode 2: The officer
When he pulled over Philando Castile, Jeronimo Yanez was working the night shift, patrolling three small Twin Cities suburbs. His law enforcement career was largely unremarkable. Now, he's about to go on trial.
Episode 3: The traffic stop
What we know -- and what we don't know -- about those 74 seconds, and the Facebook video that made millions of people witnesses to Philando Castile's final moments.
Episode 6: Getting to 23
As the first week of the trial ends, the jury in the case starts to take shape. Plus: Why choosing a jury for the trial of a police officer is different than for other cases.
Episode 7: The dashcam and Diamond Reynolds
In our latest podcast episode, the jury is seated, the defense and prosecution have made their opening statements, and the first of the witnesses take the stand.
Episode 8: Yanez's partner testifies
On the second day of testimony, two of the witnesses closest to the shooting -- Diamond Reynolds and police officer Joseph Kauser -- take the stand.
Episode 9: The prosecution rests, the defense begins
By the fourth day of testimony, the prosecution has rested, the defense has moved for acquittal and we expect to hear soon from Jeronimo Yanez himself.