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In historic contract cycle teachers saw highest raises, slowest pace to settle in 20 years
According to Education Minnesota, which represents nearly all public schools teacher’s unions, there are still six districts with unsettled contracts. For those with a new contract, some teachers are getting the highest raises in their careers.
Financial advice for new grads in Minnesota
MPR News host Angela Davis talked with two financial experts about financial advice for students who are leaving high school or college and starting in their first jobs.
With 'chronic absenteeism' soaring in schools, most parents aren’t sure what it is
Experts and educators are worried about students who miss big chunks of the school year, but a new NPR/Ipsos poll shows parents aren’t quite sure what it is.
Life as a teen without social media isn’t easy. These families are navigating adolescence offline
The damaging consequences of social media are increasingly well documented, so some parents are trying to raise their children with restrictions or blanket bans on social media use. 
At Wildfire Academy, the next generation joins a firefighting lineage
Through more than 20 years of Wildfire Academy, thousands of wildland firefighters have learned, and later passed along, the skills of a dangerous job.
Red Lake Nation College expands to Minneapolis, students feel sense of home
Red Lake Nation College will serve more students from all backgrounds with its latest expansion to Minneapolis. Native students from the Twin Cities say they have found a sense of belonging at the tribal college’s new site.
Police investigating alleged assault on transgender student inside Hopkins High
Students and LGBTQ+ advocates rallied outside Hopkins High School Wednesday in support of a 17-year-old transgender student who was allegedly assaulted inside the school last week. Police confirmed they are investigating the incident “as a possible hate crime.”
Minnesota OK’d free menstrual products in schools, but that hasn’t solved the problem
Students who helped get the law passed say some schools have come up short since it took effect Feb. 1, extending the frustrations for students struggling to manage periods and classwork.
New Minnesota law limits districts’ ability to hire special education teachers without training
The change was necessary to maintain federal special education funding. But one education advocate said it went too far, and will lead teachers to jump to other specialties.
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