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U.S. goes after Mexican cartel leaders’ drug profits in fight against fentanyl
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen unveiled new financial sanctions against La Nueva Familia Michoacana, part of a Biden administration effort to target and seize fentanyl profits.
A journalist shot by police while covering the 2020 protests is dying of her injuries
Linda Tirado lost her eye and suffered a brain injury after being shot by Minneapolis police in 2020. The National Press Club said she developed dementia as a result and “is at life’s end.”
Video: Suspect who shot Minneapolis officer Mitchell kept shooting as police came to help
Police body camera video released Friday detailed how a 911 call for help in south Minneapolis on May 30 turned quickly into an officer-down emergency with officer Jamal Mitchell slain by someone he tried to help.
Wright County attorney: Deputy was justified in fatal shooting of pipe-wielding man
The BCA said Chapman drove about two blocks, stopped his car, got out and walked toward Feenstra, holding what the deputy believed was a knife. It turned out to be a nine-inch metal rod. Feenstra fired his handgun, and Chapman died at the scene of multiple gunshot wounds.
FBI identifies serial rapist as person responsible for 1996 Shenandoah National Park killings
Nearly three decades after two young women were found with their throats slashed in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park, federal authorities announced Thursday that they have identified a now-deceased serial rapist from Ohio as the person they believe was responsible for the killings.
Carleton alum alleges grooming, sexual assault by campus staffer
In a federal lawsuit, a former Carleton College student says that a campus dance instructor groomed and sexually assaulted her. The alleged victim, who’s named as Jane Doe in the complaint, alleges that salsa teacher Don Smith continually pressured her for sex before attacking her at his home in 2021.
With pardons in Maryland, 2.5 million Americans will have marijuana convictions cleared or forgiven
Maryland Gov. Wes Moore is pardoning 175,000 people with cannabis convictions. That brings to more than 2.5 million people across the U.S. people whose convictions have been cleared or forgiven in recent years. 
US soldier convicted of theft in Russia and sentenced to nearly 4 years in prison
 A court in Russia’s far eastern city of Vladivostok has convicted a visiting American soldier of stealing and making threats of murder, and it sentenced him to three years and nine months in prison. 
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