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Minneapolis man charged with killing his baby girl
Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said he's having a hard time understanding what led Cory Clifford Morris of Minneapolis to allegedly beat his 4-month-old daughter to death last weekend.
259 accounts from 15 states, including Minnesota, were affected by "inordinate losses" due to a portfolio manager allegedly using high-risk investments for people who hadn't agreed to them.
Man charged with arson in California wildfires
Damin Pashilk was arrested on suspicion of arson in a northern California wildfire that has destroyed more than 175 structures. He is also an arson suspect in numerous other fires over the past year.
A mother prepares for her son's release from prison: 'I'm hopeful, but I'm also realistic'
Charlene Briner's son is currently serving the final weeks of a five-and-a-half-year sentence for weapon charges. Selling guns was his way to pay for drugs, she said. She's both excited and apprehensive about his release.
Hotels in 10 states, including Minn., may have been hit by hackers
An undisclosed number of people who used credit cards at 20 Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriott, Westin and other hotels, including two in Minneapolis Minn., may have had their cards compromised as a result of hack of the hotels' payment system.
Police say a woman in her 60s was fatally shot by another woman. Both apparently lived at the home where the shooting took place but the relationship is unclear.
Here's why 911 might not know where you are when you call
If your home phone service runs through the internet, it's possible the emergency call system won't automatically route your correct street address when you call 911. Officials say it's a small but serious glitch.
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