Race: Conversations around race and racial justice

Here are the latest on the fight against racism, voices calling for racial justice and in-depth stories on communities of color and other racial issues from MPR News.

Voices of Minnesota Calls for change across the state

Protests and pain The killing of George Floyd

Call To Mind Spotlight on black trauma and policing

Amplifying voices Share your experiences and hopes for the future

For Black mothers and babies, prejudice is a stubborn health risk
African-American women are more likely than white women to die in childbirth or have their infants face complications. They’re also more likely to encounter demeaning behavior while getting care. Some in Minnesota are working to change that.
Native American tour is designed to educate teachers on historical trauma
Minneapolis Public Schools is partnering with the Native American community in the Twin Cities on a new kind of professional development for teachers, designed to help educators become more culturally proficient.
Former Charlottesville mayor shares painful lessons from fight against hate
In 2017, Mike Signer faced a small-town leader's nightmare: a racist rally that spiraled out of control and ended in bloodshed. Two years later, Signer is on a mission of education — and atonement.
'What you did changed me': Ferguson protesters found friendship amid unrest
Jamell Spann and Elizabeth Vega protested in Ferguson, Mo., after the shooting death of Michael Brown. A comforting response in a moment of rawness, immortalized in an iconic photo, led to friendship.
5 years after Ferguson, racial tension might be more intense
Five years after 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on a steamy August day, racial tension remains palpable and may be even more intense.
Her Native American identity was omitted from her adoption records. Now she wants it back
Calonna Carlisle’s mother is Native American and her father is black, but her mother’s heritage was left off her adoption records. She’s spent years trying to get local and state officials to restore her race in her files.
An MPR News report explores what happened at a Burnsville middle school after the principal was caught on video repeating a racial slur. Angela Davis spoke with two experts about racist incidents at schools, the structural racism that underlies them, and the way it affects student learning.
At Burnsville’s Metcalf Middle School, racial slurs poisoned the culture
John Metcalf Middle School Principal Shannon McParland apologized in December after she was filmed repeating a racial slur at school. But teachers, students and parents say the video seemed to give others license to use the epithet. They say a culture of racism and retaliation, enabled by school leadership, poisoned the school.
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