Race: Conversations around race and racial justice

Here are the latest on the fight against racism, voices calling for racial justice and in-depth stories on communities of color and other racial issues from MPR News.

Voices of Minnesota Calls for change across the state

Protests and pain The killing of George Floyd

Call To Mind Spotlight on black trauma and policing

Amplifying voices Share your experiences and hopes for the future

AP-NORC poll: Sweeping change in U.S. views of police violence
A dramatic shift has taken place in the nation’s opinions on policing and race, as a new poll finds that more Americans today than five years ago believe police brutality is a very serious problem that too often goes undisciplined and unequally targets black Americans.
Aunt Jemima brand retired by Quaker due to racial stereotype
A spokesperson for Pepsico-owned Quaker Oats said it recognized Aunt Jemima's origins are based on a racial stereotype. The name and image will be replaced on products and advertising by the fourth quarter of 2020.
BBC special: America Beyond Black and White
With America engulfed again by protests against police brutality and racial discrimination, in this BBC Special “America: Beyond Black and White,” host Rajini Vaidyanathan brings together a group of African American writers to discuss how America might move beyond its current racial turmoil.
‘She saw me in George Floyd’: The trauma of watching another black person die
The mental anguish of George Floyd’s killing doesn’t go away, even after the officers are charged and many of the protesters have gone home. One recent study said police shootings can affect people’s mental health for three months or more.
The rise and fall of the statue of Christopher Columbus
The statue of Christopher Columbus was erected on the Capitol grounds in 1931 to show support for Italian immigrants, but in doing so, some believe it erased centuries of Native American history.
Political tension rises after Columbus statue falls
Top state politicians disagreed over the tactics used by protesters who toppled a statue on the grounds of the Minnesota Capitol, and some asked why the State Patrol didn’t intervene to protect public property.