Social Issues

He has a passion for openness. Don Gemberling talks about the erosion of public access to documents and government information.
Gov. Tim Pawlenty is proposing the state hire a coordinator to work with faith-based groups seeking state grants to provide social services. Twenty governors have established similar offices, but the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation says the initiatives violate the constitutional separation of church and state.
The University of Minnesota, Morris provides free tuition for Native American students. But school officials say they want the federal government to help pay for the program.
As the world celebrates International Women's Day, a new report says many females are worse off today than they were a decade ago. The president of Women for Women International discusses the use of violence against women during times of conflict and the future of women in post-war societies.
Julian Bond, chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, gives a speech entitled "The Quest for Meaningful Equality" live from the Westminster Town Hall Forum in Minneapolis.
Birch bark has been used to make baskets and canoes for a long time, but a startup company in Duluth is marketing a new product made from it. A chemical in the papery bark is an ingredient in skin creams, and scientists are studying it for use in treating rashes, and even cancer. Native American healers have been using birch bark for years, and some of them are worried about the future supply.
The AIDS pandemic reaches into every aspect of life in many communities across Africa. A Zambian woman whose own life was upended by the disease talks about how she's working to change the ways her country confronts HIV.
The lakes and rivers on the White Earth Indian Reservation in northwest Minnesota are an ideal habitat for wild rice. But the tribe is worried that resource could be threatened by the science of genetic engineering.
Republicans are calling on Democrats to support an overhaul of the Social Security system and President Bush is traveling the country this week to promote personal retirement accounts. Midmorning examines retirement plans around the world to find out what other nations can teach us about fiscal solvency.
A survey conducted by University of Minnesota researchers shows the verdict is still out on parents' attitudes regarding laws limiting minors' access to contraception.
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