Social Issues

The Minnesota attorney general's office confirms that it's investigating the mortgage lending practices of Ameriquest, one of the country's largest home mortgage lenders.
Some of the Red Lake Indian Reservation's brightest young people are coming together to do what they can to tackle the tribe's problems. The goal of the new group, The Red Lake Nation Youth Council, is to create a better life for kids.
It's not quite a cast of thousands, but the performance is still epic in scope. A group of volunteers in Pipestone is ready to present Longfellow's "Song of Hiawatha" for the 57th year.
The U.S. Surgeon General says the effect of terrorism is the greatest mental health issue facing the nation. Midmorning examines the impact of violence on both citizens and societies.
To many, Girl Scouts are as American as the flag and apple pie. But the scouts are adapting, changing their ways to attract and keep girls who haven't traditionally joined a troop, including the children of immigrants. Scouting seems to particularly appeal to Muslims girls.
Since 1973, more than 20 truth commissions have been established around the world. Their goal is to investigate violations of human rights and foster reconciliation. But can people learn to peacefully coexist after years of conflict? And should those who commit political atrocities be forgiven?
For years, charities have been collecting cars and reselling them to make money. Car donations have generated millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations. But that may be changing because of a recent change in federal tax law.
Prime Minster Tony Blair said the bombings in London appeared to be a terrorist attack timed to disrupt the meeting of the eight big industrial nations. Midmorning examines the politics of the G8 and discusses how Thursday's explosions could affect the summit.
The partial state government shutdown is causing Minnesota nonprofits that help battered women, immigrants and others to lay off workers and plan for closing their doors.
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