2023 Minnesota legislative session

MPR News is your source for updates from the 2023 Minnesota legislative session that began on Jan. 3, 2023. Whether you're looking for information about a new law or want an update on state funding decisions, you can find it here.

Minnesota leaders in St. Paul, Washington push to drop federal tax on rebate checks
After the Internal Revenue Service announced it would include 2023 Minnesota rebate checks as income, Minnesota officials are still pressing feds to reverse course.
The 10 biggest changes to hit Minnesota this year, from legal cannabis to abortion access
Democrats took full Capitol control in January and quickly rolled through their policy wish list. Here’s a look at some of the most significant changes they made this year.
Minnesota cops on guard for ‘high way’ drivers in new marijuana era
When recreational marijuana becomes legal in Minnesota next week, law enforcement agencies expect an uptick in use. Officers are stressing that driving high could result in a DWI – and possibly endanger others on the road.
'Refugees in the USA': Transgender care bans cause families to pull up stakes
In a year that saw polarized policymaking around gender care access, MPR News and KUER teamed up to tell the story of how gender-affirming care bans and care shields are affecting access in Minnesota and Utah.
Here's what to expect from Minnesota's extra $1.3B for housing
The one-time funding far exceeds the housing agency’s usual budget of $125 million every two years. Housing Commissioner Jennifer Ho called the extra funding “huge” and “exactly what's needed right now.”
Funding for invasive carp barrier in Mississippi River falls short at Legislature
The Department of Natural Resources says more work is needed to determine the best option to prevent the invasive fish from moving upstream into Minnesota waters. But environmental advocates worry time is running out.
10 things to know about Minnesota’s new marijuana law
The state senator behind Minnesota’s new marijuana law and a national drug policy researcher answer questions about what the cannabis law does and doesn’t do.
Explainer: Minnesota's new paid family and medical leave program
Minnesotans — regardless of where they work — will soon be covered under a new family and medical leave program that was signed into law this session.