Fighting disinformation: Can You Believe It?

Can You Believe It? is an initiative dedicated to uncovering how disinformation reaches consumers and providing tools to help our audience fight its spread. Are you seeing disinformation in your social media feeds? Share with us by emailing

Edited Biden video portends social media challenges in 2020
The unproven claims are coming from voices on the right and left and are challenging tech platforms' response to election misinformation. President Trump retweeted one video that had been edited to make it appear Biden endorsed his reelection.
Why are older adults more likely to pass along fake news?
Researchers at Princeton and New York universities found that Facebook users 65 and older posted seven times as many articles from fake news websites as did adults under 29.
With an election on the horizon, older adults get help spotting fake news
Middle and high schools have been adding courses about how to spot fake news. Older adults also struggle to sort disinformation online, but there are fewer resources tackling the problem.
COVID-19 brings disinformation war to health care
The director of the World Health Organization recently said, “we’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic,” when it comes to the COVID-19 coronavirus.
Seeing isn’t always believing: How to spot fake, edited images online
For the most part, high-quality image manipulation will be impossible to detect, especially when using the naked eye. However, there are some best practices to follow when you’re suspecting an image might not be legitimate.
How to vet a news source
With more news outlets than ever online, it’s crucial to evaluate the source of information before taking it into consideration. Here are five questions to test a news site’s credibility.
How to speak disinformation: A glossary of terms
If you want to navigate disinformation, you’ll have to learn the language. Here’s a guide to some of the jargon you’ll likely hear when people talk about disinformation campaigns.
How to spot a 'deepfake' video
“Deepfakes” are a high-tech way to fool voters, and experts are warning social media users to be on the watch. Here are some tips for spotting this latest tool of disinformation.
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