Race: Conversations around race and racial justice

Here are the latest on the fight against racism, voices calling for racial justice and in-depth stories on communities of color and other racial issues from MPR News.

Voices of Minnesota Calls for change across the state

Protests and pain The killing of George Floyd

Call To Mind Spotlight on black trauma and policing

Amplifying voices Share your experiences and hopes for the future

Air quality disparities persist despite overall gains
A new study finds that the U.S. places with the most polluted air in the 1980s remain the most polluted today. Poor people and people of color are more likely to live in places with dirty air.
American Christianity must reckon with legacy of white supremacy, author says
“White Too Long” author Robert P. Jones says churches should be more in vocal on issues of social justice: "White Christians have been largely silent ... and have hardly begun these conversations."
John Lewis mourned as 'founding father' of 'better America'
Three former presidents are in attendance at John Lewis' funeral as he is mourned, revered and celebrated as an American hero at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. The private funeral began Thursday morning after nearly a week of mourning that took him from his birthplace in Alabama to the nation’s capital of Washington to his final resting place in his home of Atlanta.
Source: U.S., Oregon in talks about pulling agents in Portland
The Trump administration has started talks with the Oregon governor's office and indicated that it would begin to draw down the presence of federal agents sent to quell two months of chaotic protests in Portland if the state stepped up its own enforcement, a senior White House official said.
Civil rights icon Lewis to lie in repose at Georgia Capitol
Members of the public will be able to pay their respects to Lewis on Wednesday at the state capitol rotunda following a ceremony in his honor. A private burial service in Atlanta is scheduled for Thursday.
George Floyd's family gathers in Virginia to unveil hologram
The event in Richmond on historic Monument Avenue was the first public unveiling of the George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project. A press release says the project aims to "transform spaces that were formerly occupied by racist symbols of America's dark Confederate past into a message of hope, solidarity and forward-thinking change."
Higher COVID-19 rates seen in Black and Hispanic children in Minn.
Children’s Minnesota has treated around 300 pediatric COVID-19 cases as of mid-July. Thirty-one percent of those patients were Black or African American; 24 percent Hispanic; 16 percent white; and 11 percent Asian.
'Freedom Fighters' look to shed 'scary' image, solidify role in the community
As the unrest following the police killing of George Floyd enters a new phase, an armed group that protected businesses and protesters is evolving to offer resources to residents — and brotherhood to one another.
What the 'Wall of Moms' protests say about motherhood, race in America
Mothers can be powerful forces in activism, and stereotypes about moms, as well as race, have long played a role in shaping that power — as well as who gets to wield it.
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