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Sharpen up! Collectors arrive in Mankato for Pencil Con 2024
Members of the American Pencil Collectors Society are meeting in Mankato on Saturday and Sunday. The two-day event, which is sponsored by the American Pencil Collectors Society, is an opportunity to sell, swap and admire the collections of those who are really into, or just curious, about the hobby.
As floodwaters slowly recede in the town of Cook, residents brace for a long recovery
Northeastern Minnesota got a welcome reprieve from Mother Nature Friday. Sunny skies and dry, warm weather helped floodwaters receded in the town of Cook, where Gov. Tim Walz and other state officials visited to tour damage from the flooding that ravaged the small town this week.
Video: Suspect who shot Minneapolis officer Mitchell kept shooting as police came to help
Police body camera video released Friday detailed how a 911 call for help in south Minneapolis on May 30 turned quickly into an officer-down emergency with officer Jamal Mitchell slain by someone he tried to help.
Wright County attorney: Deputy was justified in fatal shooting of pipe-wielding man
The BCA said Chapman drove about two blocks, stopped his car, got out and walked toward Feenstra, holding what the deputy believed was a knife. It turned out to be a nine-inch metal rod. Feenstra fired his handgun, and Chapman died at the scene of multiple gunshot wounds.
Hay millones de dólares disponibles en descuentos energéticos federales y estatales. ¿Cómo se puede participar?
Gracias a grupos locales, los habitantes de Minnesota pueden aprovechar ciertos beneficios estatales que no solo les ahorran dinero, pero también les permiten reducir sus emisiones de carbono.
St. Louis County declares state of emergency amid flooding, city of Cook underwater
The St. Louis County Board has declared a local disaster in response to flooding and other damage resulting from recent torrential rain that swept across the region. In downtown Cook, homes and businesses are under several feet of water with flooding from the Little Fork River.
Flood cleanup continues in northeast Minnesota. Rivers still rising across the state
Crews continued working Thursday to repair dozens of roads and highways washed out across northeast Minnesota by runoff from torrential rain on Tuesday. Rivers also continue to rise across the state.
Northside Minneapolis modular housing project unveiled
The company George Modular Solutions will begin manufacturing residential and commercial modular housing next spring, said CEO Lewis Lockwood. The company is renovating a 83,000-square-foot former printing plant into a modular manufacturing plant.
Historic Lake Superior lighthouse sold at auction 5 years ago is available once again
A historic Lake Superior lighthouse that was purchased at auction five years ago by a Californian with dreams of converting it into a quiet getaway, is now being offered for free to a government agency or nonprofit that agrees to maintain it.
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