3M and PFC groundwater contamination in Minnesota

Concern over the effects of groundwater contamination by perfluorochemicals, or PFCs, has a long history in Minnesota. Now that the state settled its lawsuit with 3M, here's a collection of MPR News coverage of this complex story.

Minnesota finds increased health risk from ‘forever chemicals’
The Minnesota Department of Health has lowered the levels at which perfluorinated chemicals in drinking water pose a health risk. Officials said new research shows there is increased health risks from what are known as “forever chemicals.”
Cities grapple with costs of removing PFAS from drinking water
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new, enforceable limits on some PFAS that are much lower than the state’s current advisory limits. If they’re adopted, about a dozen Minnesota cities likely will need to install treatment systems or find a new water source.
3M 'forever chemicals' settlement moves forward
Attorneys general in 22 states have dropped their objections to a multibillion-dollar settlement over water contamination by chemicals made by 3M. Lawsuits sought damages for contamination of public water supplies.
Fond du Lac Band sues 3M and other companies over PFAS pollution
The Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa alleges manufacturers and distributors of the chemicals, which were used to make firefighting foam that was used for decades near the Fond du Lac reservation, have threatened “the health, welfare and rights of the Band.”
Study: Freshwater fish contain concerning levels of ‘forever chemical’
The researchers with the nonprofit Environmental Working Group calculated that eating one fish a year was equal to ingesting water with PFOS at 48 parts per trillion for a month, much higher than what the Minnesota Department of Health considers a safe level for drinking water.
On Wisconsin’s French Island, residents live with lingering ‘forever chemicals’
Wisconsin’s lawsuit comes more than four years after Minnesota settled its landmark case against 3M over PFAS contamination. Since then, scientists and regulators have learned much more about how broad and pervasive the PFAS problem is.
Minn. agencies roll out plan to tackle ‘forever chemicals’
The statewide “blueprint” calls for the state to enact stronger regulations, including designating PFAS as hazardous substances under Minnesota’s Superfund law.