Ask a bookseller

Every week, The Thread checks in with booksellers around the country about their favorite books of the moment.

Ask a Bookseller: ‘The Three Little Tardigrades: A Slightly Scientific Fairy Tale’
Revati Kilaparti of Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, Colo., said this book is a delight to read, with cute, colorful pictures and more information at the end that gives you a chance to learn about these versatile creatures.
Ask a Bookseller: ‘There’s Always This Year: On Basketball and Ascension’
Donna Garban of Little City Books in Hoboken, N.J., recommends a memoir that’s perfect for March Madness. It’s called “There’s Always This Year: On Basketball and Ascension” by Hanif Abdurraqib.
Ask A Bookseller: ‘The Bullet Swallower’
Kara Thom of Excelsior Bay Books in Excelsior recommends a multi-generational novel, “The Bullet Swallower” by Elizabeth Gonzalez James.
Ask a Bookseller: ‘Is God Is’
Blake Worthey of Two Friends Bookstore in Bentonville, Ark., recommends Aleshea Harris’s play “Is God Is.”
Ask a Bookseller: ‘Yours Truly’
Rachel Harris of Four Pines Bookstore in Bemidji recommends one with a local setting and a lot of feels: “Yours Truly” by Abby Jimenez.
Ask A Bookseller: ‘The September House’
Ryan Elizabeth Clark of Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, N.H., said Carissa Orlando’s novel “The September House” is the one of the best horror novels she’s ever read.
Ask a Bookseller: ‘The Black Queen’
Louisiana author Jumata Emill is a journalist whose work covering crime led him to writing YA thrillers. His debut novel, “The Black Queen,” came out in paperback in January, and his second book, “Wander in the Dark,” was released this week.
Ask a Bookseller: ‘The Boys in the Boat’
The historical sports drama “The Boys in the Boat,” directed by George Clooney, is now in theaters. It’s based on Daniel James Brown’s nonfiction book by the same name, and Sarah Dorn of The Nook in Brookings, S.D., highly recommends reading it. 
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