Talking Sense

Introducing Talking Sense: Have hard political conversations, better.

Catharine Richert discusses 'Talking Sense
Catharine Richert discusses 'Talking Sense' on the Morning Edition show hosted by Phil Picardi on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, in St. Paul.
Kerem Yücel | MPR News

If political polarization has destroyed an important relationship in your life, you may be wondering if it's even possible to discuss topics like policing, abortion or climate change with family or friends who differ from you politically. 

During what’s sure to be another contentious election year, MPR News is launching Talking Sense. It’s a yearlong reporting project that helps you navigate challenging political conversations in a way that’s aimed at preserving your relationships. 

To launch Talking Sense, MPR News has partnered with Braver Angels, a nonprofit that facilitates civil conversations between people on different ends of the political spectrum.

Together, we’ve created our online Talking Sense tool with videos about different communication styles, interactive prompts and responses on divisive topics, and tips on how to examine your own biases and stereotypes about “the other side.”

Talking Sense is also a series of in-person events held throughout Minnesota this year. Partnering with Braver Angles, our first is in Woodbury on Feb. 27 and will focus on the roots of political polarization. Sign up to join this conversation today. 

Finally, Talking Sense is a reporting thread throughout our 2024 election coverage. We’ve already traveled to Ely to learn how people there are developing new ways to talk about old divisions. And we’ve heard from a Minneapolis police officer and Minneapolis resident about a recent trip they took to the Legacy Museum, which explores the roots of slavery in America - and policing’s role in it. 

You can access all of this reporting and more on our Talking Sense home page.   

And we want to hear from you! Is political division affecting your community? What issues are coming between you, your friends, your family and neighbors. Tell us your Talking Sense story