Minneapolis’ Luminary Loppet festival moves events to land

Luminaries line and people dot a nighttime lake path
Thousands of luminaries mark the course on Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis for the 2010 Luminary Loppet.
Gina Reis | MPR News 2010

The Luminary Loppet Festival, scheduled in Minneapolis this weekend, is moving off the ice and onto the shore. 

The move comes after the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office issued a thin ice advisory

Recent rain has also made the ice surface on Lake of the Isles unwalkable, said Claire Wilson, executive director of the Loppet Foundation.

“Hundreds of people are shifting things right now so that it can be viewed from the shore,” Wilson said. “So [it will be] a different experience, but hopefully equally as magical.”

Skiing during the festivities is also canceled, with visitors encouraged to walk. The outdoor party Saturday evening will be held in a soccer field adjacent to the ice.

“There will still be just as many luminaries, they will just be more concentrated,” Wilson said.

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