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2nd teen charged in probe that led to Amir Locke's death

BCA van in downtown minneapolis
Law enforcement vehicles block off the street outside of the apartment complex where police shot and killed Amir Locke while executing a search warrant on Feb. 2.
Tim Evans for MPR News

A second teen has been arrested in the homicide investigation that led police to the Minneapolis apartment where a SWAT team officer fatally shot Amir Locke, a Black 22-year-old man, while executing a search warrant.

A 16-year-old boy is charged in Ramsey County juvenile court with aiding and abetting second-degree murder. Locke's 17-year-old cousin has also been charged in the Jan. 10 killing of Otis Elder in St. Paul.

According to the charges, the younger teen caused Elder's death while committing or attempting to commit a felony aggravated robbery.

Police searching for suspects in Elder's death entered the Minneapolis apartment where Locke was staying without knocking on Feb. 2.

Body camera video shows them shouting “Police, search warrant!” “Hands!” and “Get on the ground!” after they entered. An officer kicks a sectional sofa, and Locke is seen wrapped in a blanket holding a pistol. Three shots are heard, and the video ends.

Minneapolis police have said Locke was shot after he pointed his gun toward the officers, but Locke’s family has questioned that. Locke’s family has said he legally possessed the gun.

Police have said Locke was not named in the search warrants.

Locke’s death sparked protests and a reexamination of no-knock arrest warrants. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced a moratorium on such warrants while the city brings in outside experts to study its policy.