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What will AI mean for art, artists and musicians?

An AI generated image of a computer
What will AI mean for artists, musicians and content creators? MPR producer Gretchen Brown generated this image using artifical intelligence.
Gretchen Brown | MPR News

Just this past week, tech giant Google unveiled its new AI music tool, ”Music AI Sandbox,” which the company says will be “the ultimate collaborator” for musicians.

It’s an example of how rapidly AI is integrating into the art world — for better or for worse.

MPR News guest host Chris Farrell and his guests talked about what the rise of artificial intelligence means for artists, musicians, actors and writers. 


  • Tim Brunelle is a freelance creative consultant and adjunct professor at Minneapolis College of Art Design.

  • Kelly Groehler is the co-founder and CEO of Alice Riot — an art licensing and creative consulting agency in Minneapolis. 

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