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Post-pandemic life in the office: What will our workspaces look like?

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Guest host Chris Farrell examined how offices and coworking spaces have adapted throughout the pandemic and what work might look like when employees begin a return to the office.
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As many employers shift away from mandatory remote work and grapple with what jobs can be done remotely versus in the office, the future of coworking spaces and physical workspaces is unclear.

According to a recent Harvard Business School survey, while most remote workers acknowledged they missed the community aspect provided by office life, 81 percent said they preferred to work from home permanently or have a hybrid schedule that included a few days at home each week. 

MPR News guest host Chris Farrell — senior economics contributor at Marketplace — dove into how coworking spaces have adapted to the constraints COVID-19 placed on their business models and the role they might play in a world of hybrid work.

We ended the show with a story about lending circles from “small change: Money Stories from the Neighborhood,” a podcast co-hosted by Farrell and producer and podcaster Twila Dang.


  • Alex West Steinman is co-founder and CEO of The Coven, a Twin Cities-based coworking and business incubating space for women and non-binary people.

  • Theresa Glomb is a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

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