Valentine’s Day Weather in the Twin Cities

The weather on Valentine's Day is seldom suitable for outside romantic activity, unless of course you consider skiing, skating, or ice fishing to be romantic. In the Twin Cities area it rains or snows on Valentine's Day about 28 percent of the time...snow has been recorded about once every four Valentine's Days. It's been in the 40s F fifteen times in the past 118 years on this date in the Twin Cities. On the other hand daytime high temperatures have been 15 degrees F or less 23 times in the past 118 years..brrr. Most recently 2007 brought a high of just 11 F and a low of -1 F. The coldest Valentine's Day in the Twin Cities occurred in 1920, with a high of -5 F and a low of -16 F. Valentine's Day in 1950 brought 6.4 inches of snowfall, while in 1967 and 1979 snow depth was 20 inches or more. Obviously those years were good for horse drawn sled that's a romantic thought.

For those in the weather business, forecasting or observing, duty often prevents them from spending Valentine's Day with their loved one. Other vocations sometimes prevent this as well. For these people the day may be celebrated with a phone call, sending some flowers or gifts, or simply by recalling a fond memory. Regardless of your situation, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

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