Apples to apples

In an effort to expand the data base of recorded weather in the Twin Cities and and at many other locations in the US, the National Weather Service methodically developed a process to incorporate pioneer weather records. We believe we are comparing apples to apples, but perhaps a gala to a honey crisp.

Last year, this new data, validated through the State Climate Office, was threaded into the tempeature records for the Twin Cities. Modern day records began in 1890. Observations commenced daily af Fort Snelling, in very close proximity to the International Airport, where official readings are measured, in 1820.

Story behind the pioneer observations from the State Climate Office.

In last year's Freshwater Society weather guide, they listed the record low for this date in Minneapolis/St. Paul as 21 below set in 1899. The new, threaded data, establishes 30 below as the record set in 1875.

All record lows for this week extend back more than 100 years for the Twin Cities.



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