February surprises


It's rain vs. ice on the Huttner Weather Lab driveway this afternoon

Weather always amazes me.

Maybe I'm easily amused, but you gotta love a storm system in February that comes in as almost all rain. This time of the year we can get some whopper snows. Rain is pretty uncommon climatologically speaking this time of year.

It's an interesting twist to a rigorous winter that we would see this system during our one big thaw so far this winter. As ice storm warnings get pared back by the gush of warm air ahead of this system, check out these readings as of 4pm today.

HALLOCK RAIN 37 37 100 SE12 29.41F

Before you keep reading ...

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ROSEAU LGT RAIN 39 36 87 E9 29.45F

WARROAD RAIN 36 30 80 E8 29.50F

THIEF RVR FALL CLOUDY 36 36 100 E17 29.43F

CROOKSTON MIX PCPN 36 36 100 SE14 29.38F

FOSSTON CLOUDY 39 36 87 E17G25 29.38F

DETROIT LAKES DRIZZLE 32 28 86 SE20G25 29.38F WCI 20

MOORHEAD LGT RAIN 39 37 93 SE17 29.31F

Pretty remarkable stuff for February 9th.

This system is tracking unusually far west onto South Dakota, then it will stall over northern Minnesota and "fill" or weaken during the next 48 hours.

It appears to have the potential to put down a half inch of rain, before it changes over to some snow tomorrow. The only area with enough cold air for heavy snow appears to be around Bismarck ND where 6"+ could fall. The best chance of icing appears to be along the North Shore.

Red River Vally storm info

Duluth storm info

Twin Cities forecast info

Meantime, enjoy the rain, and the number it does on the snow and ice on your driveway. And watch out as some really big puddles that look like new lakes pop up everywhere.